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Protect commuters from having their days ruined by rain. How many people can you save from soul-crushing despair? Feedback is always appreciated.

  • WASD to move. Left Ctrl/Shift/Space to slow down.
  • M to toggle audio.
  • P to toggle pause.

v1.0.2: Pauses the game on loss of window focus.
v1.0.1: Increased the difficulty, in a couple of ways.

Made with Love2D 11.0.

Music: Old City Theme by remaxim

Ambience: Moderate Rain on a Tin Roof by thebardofblasphemy

Install instructions

Unzip the archive, and run the UmbrellaGirl executable.


UmbrellaGirl_v1.0.2.zip 6 MB


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Made a video


Thanks! I'm glad you guys liked it! Your video revealed a missing feature: pausing the game when the window loses focus.